Gaming Cases EVGA DG-85

Gaming Cases EVGA DG-85


  • EVGA DG-85 – The Ultimate Gaming Platform; Finish: Metallic Gunmetal Gray w/ Front Window Panel
  • Form Factor Support: mITX/mATX/ATX/E-ATX. Flexible Fan Support : Supports 140mm or 120mm fans
  • Optimized Airflow Path and Robust Water Cooling Support ***3 reservoir clamps are not included in the case.***
  • Dedicated Cable Management cutouts lets you keep your system layout clean, improved appearance, and airflow
  • Supports up to 12 SSD/HDD; up to 8 140 or 120mm fans







Optimized Airflow Path

Dedicated cooling path for graphics cards, giving ultimate cooling performance and increased clockspeeds.

Robust Water Cooling Support

Full Support for dual 420mm or 360mm radiators give you ultimate cooling performance, with a dedicated section for mounting reservoir

Cable Management

Dedicated cable management cutout points lets you keep your system layout clean, improving appearance and airflow.

Built in Fan Controller + Temperature Sensor

Built in fan controller lets you select your cooling performance, and monitor the case internal temperature.


K-Boost Button

Control your performance with EVGA K-Boost! One button boosts GPU and CPU clocks instantly, give you ultimate control.

Removable Fan Filters

Easy to remove fan filters keeps your system dust free.

Front and Top Power & Reset , USB 2.0, USB 3.1 Type-C, HDMI

Easily power on your system whether it is on the floor or desk, make your PC VR-Ready with front facing HDMI and USB.

Easy Removable Door

Flip a switch to remove the entire door, making assembly as easy as can be.


Supports up to 12 SSD/HDD

Dedicated mounting locations on back of motherboard and drive bay keeps cables out of the way.

GPU Airflow Channel

Adjustable channel to maximize cooling efficiency depending on your GPU set up.

Optional Segmented PSU Tray Hides Cables

Slidable tray keeps your system clean and hides Power Supply cables.

Easy Access to I/O ports and Clean Cable Output

Cables exit on the back of the case, keeping cable management clean, and I/O ports are easily accessed by left door hinge.